Skilled Lawyers Advocate for Victims of Destructive Crashes

Skilled Lawyers Advocate for Victims of Destructive Crashes

As our city has grown, the demand for goods has increased, which means more commercial truck traffic throughout the metropolitan area. As a result, commercial trucking accidents occur more frequently in the region, with serious injuries and fatalities as a common result. If you or a loved one has been the victim of a big-rig crash, our legal team is prepared to help. With our combined experience, our legal professionals know how to pursue the maximum level of compensation for your losses.truck accident attorneys

Common causes of truck accidents in the area

The key to an accident lawsuit is to establish the cause with enough certainty to prove another person is responsible. Our lawyers have vast experience with different types of commercial truck accidents, including those that result from:

Inadequate driver training — Trucking companies often fail to vet new drivers or require refresher courses when introducing next-generation equipment.
Driver distraction — Commercial truck drivers are often just as prone to distracted behavior, including illegal cellphone use and texting while driving, as passenger vehicle drivers.
Alcohol or drug use — The bar for DUI is much lower for commercial drivers; the legal limit for blood alcohol content is 0.04 percent rather than the standard 0.08.
Exhaustion — Federal law limits the number of hours a commercial driver can be behind the wheel, but drivers often press for extra work and companies often fail in their oversight.
Improper maintenance — Trucking companies must maintain equipment at federal standards. Brake failure is a major cause of big-rig crashes.
Insufficient safety devices —As safety standards evolve, new devices, such as undercarriage guards, are required to prevent catastrophic accidents.
Excessive speed — A major factor in all vehicle accidents, speed is especially deadly for big-rigs since trailers need a much greater distance to stop safely.
Inattention to weather/road conditions — All drivers must take prudent measures to adjust to weather conditions, but caution is especially important for heavy equipment operators.

Not every truck accident is the trucker’s or the trucking company’s fault. Passenger car drivers often contribute to crashes because they don’t know how to safely share the road with commercial vehicles. If a court decides that you were in any way responsible for your crash, the state’s contributory negligence law could bar you from receiving any or full compensation. This strict approach to fault is another reason why you need a truck accident attorney with a proven skill.

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If you or a loved one has been seriously injured in a commercial truck accident, you can rely on our legal team to fight for your maximum recovery. We’re determined to build a compelling case for the compensation you deserve.

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